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Diving in Lombok Island

Lombok is an island or stunning beaches and breathtaking coast line, with me smaller islands sitting just off the shore,. The word “ Gili “ means small island ( so the term “ The Gili Island “ is bit of misnomer ). Perhaps the most pamous of the there Gili’s that off the northwest coast of Lombok – Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air.


SENGGIGI, just in the front of Senggigi Beach Hotel. Dives  2 to 12 meters with be rewarded by beautiful underwater panorama, colorful coral and sponge grow on her long barrier reef. Recommended for beginners and new divers.


GILI AIR, the beach and coral reef the entire island. Takat Sirah and Takat Malang, north of the spots awaiting islands are the two exciting diving your exploration.


GILI MENO, located in the middle of Gili Gilis. The Gili Meno wall is on the west coast, rich with variety of reef fishes and invertebrate. This spot is good for beginners, easy and plenty to see.


GILI TRAWANGAN, the furthest west and the largest of the there islands. Located about 15 kilometers or on hour by outrigger boat from Sengggi Beach. Soft coral garden and the slope with assorted fish marine life will give an impressive underwater adventure.



Scuba Diving Kuta Bay, South East Lombok

From the Novotel we dive surrounding Kuta coastline, offer the full array of PADI courses, and go on daytrips to the other dive locations around Lombok. Here in the southeast of Lombok, the water conditions a variable, and occasionally subject to rougher seas. Nevertheless the dives sites in our immediate vicinity are well suited for divers of all levels.


5 Days and 4 Nights, Inclusive :

- Accommodation with breakfast at Tastura Resort
- 2 dives per day
- Weights
- Tank
- Guide
- Lunch
- Drinks (water, coffee, tea)
- Transportation

Deluxe Service:

4 Days and 3 Nights, Inclusive :
- Accommodation with breakfast at Tastura Resort
- 2 dives per day
- Weights
- Tank
- Guide
- Lunch
- Drinks (water, coffee, tea)
- Transportation


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