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West Nusa Tenggara, which comprise the island of Lombok, Sumbawa and hundreds smaller ones, is another destination of unspoilt paradise in Indonesia Lombok, the Island of virginity and natural beauty, accessible withen 20 munites flight from the International Gateway Ngurh Rai Airport of Bali or 2.50 Hours sailing by high speed passenger ferry from Benoa Harbour of Bali, and Sumbawa Island lies just across the Alas strait and is clear viewed from most of the eastern part of Lombok.
These island, Lombok and Sumbawa are little known in comparison with endless attraction of Bali the island of Gods. However, smart traveler have started turning their eyes glancing eastwards and surely there, awaits a pierce of Eden with its overwhelming charms and beauty. Simplicity and gentleness expresses among the warm and friendly smiles of the local : make for a hospitality and relaxing visit.

The appearance of these is striking. The entire surface is covered with rich fertile soils and elaborate system of irrigation is carried out from island to island. The province is home to some 4,3 million people , most are farmers cultivating rice and lots of vegetative plantation. The inhabitants are predominantly Moslem people, other who are adhere to Hindu faith live mostly in the western part of Lombok, and the rest follow Buddhism and Christianity. Religion remains an ever present and integral part of daily life and rituals is maintained, and the harmony amongst the believers allows for spiritual growth in the province.

Lombok is still undiscovered paradise with lust tropical. Which will attract every heart with fascination. Some describe the island as only holiday resort where visitors may relax and recover. Plenty of glistening white sandy beaches are found on almost all of the entire island boundaries, but this is not all offer, the smaller island to the north namely Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan and to the southwest is Gili Nanggu, Gili Gede, Gili Genting and many others only some of which are inhabited, provide a tropical island holiday featuring sun, sand, sea marine beauty. Swimming, snorkeling, and diving would be the best, or fishing? You just get the idea and all requirements are available.

The people of Lombok called Sasak, comprising 90 percent of the 3 million inhabitants of the island. Moslem is the dominant religion. The Balinese with their Hind, faith are mostly centred in the western part, therefore temples and shrines are available and the Balinese way of living prevails.

Lombok has successfully intensified its nice production, the introduction of “ dry rice “ cultivation or in Indonesia Bumi Gora Rancah ( Bumi Gora ). And most tropical fruits, which are freshened tasty, such as various kind, papaya, pineapple, banana and many others are grown and easily found in the island’s local market.

Rinjani Mountain, the third peak in Indonesia, with its Crater Lake Segara Anak provides an everlasting mountain attraction. The locals of Lombok frequently make rituals visit to Rinjani as it’s considered one of their sacred places. Segara Anak’s hot spring, the steamy Gua Susu, and Pancuran Emas” the golden fountain “ are some of the main spots where the locals perform their rituals. For mountain lovers, Rinjani is one of Lombok’s most beautiful sites.

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Lombok is situated between 115^45 and 119^10 east and to the south of the equator between 8^52 and 9^52 south and there fore this island is perfectly located within the golden triangle of the Indonesia’s Best Kept-Secret Places: East Nusa Tenggara (Komodo Island), Bali (Island of Gods), Toraja Unique Tribe Island in Sulawesi to the North.

It comprises of an area of 20,153 km2. For the entire part, it is mountainous and hilly with Low and High Plains from the western part until the eastern end of Sumbawa Island.
It’s Length from west to east 80 km. Sumbawa is 300 km from west to east and of 100 km from north to south its coastline extends 2500 km and territorial waters of 29,000 km2 inclusive 137 islands of which 70 are inhabited. Sumbawa with 75 % of the land area owns only 25% of total population, even though it is opposite to Lombok which owns only 75% of the population.

Its Climate is generally similar to other areas with a tropical climate in Indonesia. The temperature ranges from 21^ to 33^ centigrade. There are two seasons namely wet and dry season. Wet Season starts from October to March and Dry Season starts from April to September. January has in general lot of rain and winds until and reaching a peak in February.

Marine Ecology has played an important role due to coral reefs with sea grasses and seaweeds vegetation where the majority of reefs are found in Nusa Tenggara Region. They could potentially endorse the development of tourism, fisheries, and pharmaceutical products in future.
With seasonal nature of the monsoon, vegetation of Nusa Tenggara is influenced by the distribution of rainfall in a year rather than by the total annual rainfall.

Flora & Fauna
Based on the fictive “Wallace Line” that Flora & Fauna in Asia separates from Australia which runs north – south between the Island of Lombok and Bali.
Forests are here found mostly in Mountain Areas. Huge parts of Lombok Mainland are coastal wetlands, irrigated fields and other wetlands while extensive dry land areas are found on the Island of Sumbawa. Especially species of plants growing have specific importance that influence the life of its people such as kesambi, bungur, sonokeling, mahogany, teak, kelicung, pala, ipil, bamboo, tutul and etc. here are also found several types animals spread over the area according to climate and natural conditions such as wild pigs, small deer, deer, iguanas, porcupines, turtles, and any kinds of snakes and birds such as pring, parrots, bering, koak-kaek, cucak rawa and etc



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